Estate Planning

The most traditional form of a deferred gift when you are working on estate planning is a bequest included in a person's will or revocable (living) trust. We will be honored to assist you and your legal and financial advisors with your estate planning. 

We humbly request that you notify us if you intend to include CFT in your estate plans or have already done so. Documentation and discussion will help to ensure that your wishes become a reality. 

Factors to consider when making a bequest in your estate planning:

What, when and how much do you want to give?

  1. Gift of Specific dollar amount
  2. Example: I give and bequeath $100,000 to Communities Foundation of Texas.
  3. Gift of Specific personal or real property
  4. Example: I give and bequeath our primary residence in Dallas, TX, and the art collection within the primary residence to Communities Foundation of Texas.
  5. Residuary gift – A donor may give the remainder of his/her estate in whole or in part. Example: I give and bequeath 50% of the residual of my estate to Communities Foundation of Texas.
  6. Contingent gift – A donor may want to give a gift only if certain conditions are met. Example: I give and bequeath {my ranch property} to my spouse, if he or she survives me. If my spouse does not survive me, I give and bequeath {my ranch property} to Communities Foundation of Texas. 

How do I want those funds to be used philanthropically? Options:

  1. Unrestricted gift: The gift is made to CFT to use for general purposes.
  2. Field of Interest gift: Choose a philanthropic area that you are passionate about.
  3. Gift to an existing fund: Donors may leave bequests to funds that they established before their deaths, either donor-advised, scholarship or designated funds.
  4. Use gift to create a fund: Donors may use a bequest to create a new fund to be administered by their children or by CFT’s philanthropy committee. The new fund may be a donor-advised, scholarship or designated fund, as well as endowed or unendowed. The fund may be established while you are living and be named in the will or trust. The fund may also honor someone or serve as a memorial tribute.

Geri Jacobs, ChFC, CLU
Director of Charitable Gift Planning

Contact me for more specific bequest language or a confidential consultation.

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