Disaster Relief - 2017 East Texas Tornadoes

On Saturday, April 29, 2017, four tornadoes touched down in East Texas. The last tornado, an E3, may have been on the ground continously for 51 miles passing through Van Zandt and Rains Counties, with the most severe damage reported in Canton, TX.

The tornadoes killed at least five people in Texas and injured dozens others before the deadly storms moved into Arkansas and Missouri.

CFT’s Disaster Relief Fund is particularly committed to supporting the mid-term through long-term needs of communities affected by disasters because these dollars are the hardest to come by. Thank you for considering a donation to help our friends and communities in East Texas as they work to recover and rebuild from this disaster.


CFT's Strategy on Disaster Relief

An effective response, regardless of where a natural disaster occurs, requires sustained involvement on behalf of donors, responding organizations and a myriad of other actors.  The bulk of disaster dollars are often allocated during the emergency humanitarian relief phase (with a focus on emergency food, shelter, water, sanitation and health care).  Emergency relief is vital.  Still, experts agree that disaster relief dollars are insufficient to meet the medium- and long-term needs of disaster-affected communities. CFT recommends responding to the complete timeline of the disaster management effort: from immediate relief to recovery, and then to reconstruction and rebuilding.

Funding Criteria

In evaluating potential funding partners, CFT follows four key considerations:

      • Experience – relevant, pre-existing presence in the affected location and an understanding of the community context prior to the disaster.
      • Comprehensive Plan – ability to effectively meet the needs based on the current relief situation and with the capacity to develop and then implement a robust recovery plan.
      • Sustained Impact – potential to reduce poverty and improve the lives of affected people – moving them beyond where they were pre-disaster.
      • Effectively Partner – strong understanding of the landscape of actors working in the recovery effort and the ability to work closely with the range of national, international and community based organizations involved in the disaster response.

CFT's approach to long-term rebuilding efforts

For more information, visit the Center for Disaster Philanthropy



Immediate Assistance

For those individuals wanting to provide immediate support for emergency response efforts, please visit WFAA's Texas Cares site.

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