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Eugenio is deputy director for the RGV FOCUS collective impact initiative of CFT's Educate Texas in the Rio Grande Valley.

Prior to joining CFT in 2015, Eugenio was the executive director of the Eastern North Philadelphia Youth Services Coalition. He was also awarded two international research training opportunities in Geneva, Switzerland, by the World Health Organization, and in Capetown, South Africa, by the Human Sciences Research Council.

Eugenio holds a bachelor’s of business administration in economics and international business from Baylor University, a master’s in education and human development from George Washington University, and he is finalizing his dissertation defense in learning and performance systems from the Pennsylvania State University. Eugenio is a co-author of a book titled Hispanic-Serving Colleges of Education: Exploring Identity, Practice, and Educator Preparation.

Joined CFT


Favorite Aspect of CFT

"I love the giving part of the job. I believe the greatest happiness comes from giving, and at CFT, I get to do that every day. I get to help other people and other things in their BECOMING."

Favorite Quote

“You have my whole heart. You always did."

— Cormac McCarthy, The Road