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We've compiled a list of resources for those in need of support or looking for ways to provide support in response to the tragic shooting in Allen, Texas. We will update these listings as more information becomes available. 


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  • Mental Health/Trauma Resources
  • Resources for Victims, Survivors, and Families
  • Support for Family and Children Resources
  • Prevention Resources
  • Ways to Donate
  • Additional Ways to Help

Mental Health/Trauma

Our list of grief and trauma resources includes mental health and crisis support hotlines, therapists providing pro-bono counseling, and more.

Prevention Resources

In addition to local resources to support victims impacted by this tragedy, community members may also be searching for ways to understand how to get involved and help prevent future tragedies. 

Resources for Victims, Survivors, and Families

VictimsFirst's National Mass Shooting Victims' Fund is open to all victims and survivors of incidents of mass violence that have occurred in the United States. Through this fund, they provide emergency financial assistance to those directly impacted.

Support for Families and Children

Incidents like the tragedy in Allen can impact children and youth, even by seeing or hearing about it on TV, social media, or from peers. The following are resources to help parents and caregivers support children of all ages with resources.

Ways to Donate

Looking to give financially? You can support CFT's Support for Allen Fund or can give to a number of verified options including VictimsFirst, Credit Union of Texas, and pages.

Ways to Help

One of the best ways to help victims of any tragedy is to donate much needed-blood and plasma. O-negative, the universal blood type, is the most-used blood type in emergencies by first responders, although all blood types are needed and will be sent to all area hospitals aiding victims.