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Advocate Foundation

The mission of the Advocate Foundation is to foster an informed Dallas citizenry by providing community-level information in neighborhood news deserts and by using deep reporting and analysis to explore solutions to complex civic issues. They have two focus areas: digging into Dallas’ underserved news deserts with community journalism, beginning with the South Dallas and West Dallas neighborhoods; and tackling complex civic issues with a solutions-focused journalism collaborative. After a listening tour in both communities, they were encouraged by residents to begin sharing news, via text messaging, addressing some of the community information and storytelling needs amid the pandemic. Funding is requested to support launch of the text- and online-based news platform for original content and community-centric information to South and West Dallas neighborhoods. They will create a database of residents who will receive news directly to their phones and then can individually respond with questions or stories via text. They anticipate reaching 2,000 neighbors.

Focus Areas

Community Building