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Dallas Art Therapy

Dallas Art Therapy consists of master’s level art therapists and art therapy interns trained to provide mental health services. Since the beginning of shelter in place mandates in Dallas, Dallas Art Therapy saw a rise in people experiencing high levels of anxiety and panic attacks. Many clients have lost their ability to get mental health services because of job and health insurance loss. Additionally, there is an increased need for telehealth services in the immediate future. Dallas Art Therapy will provide additional individual, family, and group health counseling while also providing studio community care. Funding is requested to begin online marketing to improve public awareness of their mental health services, provide telehealth services to their clients, and create and manage data for their clients served.  

Art therapy allows clients to communicate their emotions, overcome stress, and explore different creative aspects. Dallas Art Therapy provides three core art therapy programs: Open Studio, Individual Art Therapy, and Group Art Therapy. Funding will be used to provide Art Therapy to clients and serve teens through Open Studio art therapy sessions. They anticipate serving 150 clients.

This grantee has received multiple rounds of funding totaling $15,000.

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