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Recovery for El Paso and Dayton Shootings

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On the morning of August 3rd, one confirmed shooter entered a busy retail center in El Paso, Texas and opened fire, killing 22 people and leaving more than two dozen injured. Less than 24 hours later, the nation woke to the terrible news of another shooting at the Oregon District in Dayton, Ohio that left nine dead and 27 people injured. 

Our hearts are with the victims, their families, and both the El Paso and Dayton communities. 

Ways You Can Help:


  • The El Paso Community Foundation has opened the El Paso Shooting Victim’s Fund, and is accepting funds to help the families of those affected in the August 3rd shooting. FirstLight Federal Credit Union will match funds donated.




About CFT's Relief and Recovery Approach
An effective response, regardless of where a crisis occurs, requires sustained involvement on behalf of donors, responding organizations and a myriad of other actors.  The bulk of dollars in response to tragedy and disaster are often allocated during the emergency humanitarian relief phase (with a focus on emergency food, shelter, water, sanitation and health care).  Emergency relief is vital.  Still, experts agree that relief and recovery dollars are insufficient to meet the medium- and long-term needs of crisis-affected communities. CFT believes in supporting the complete timeline of management efforts: from immediate relief to recovery. 

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Contribute to CFT's Disaster Relief Fund

CFT has established a Disaster Relief Fund to support long-term needs and rebuilding efforts in response to disasters. Donors interested in supporting long-term recovery can make online donations to the fund or recommend a donor-advised grant to support the fund.

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