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Family Resources

Arts, Science & Culture

Perot Museum of Nature and Science – get the whole family involved in a fun project to share with students and future visitors – Create one or many crossword puzzles using nature and science themes you might find at the museum. While there are many online puzzle generators, you may find it more enjoyable to brainstorm and create on paper, check out these instructions. The crosswords will be used to entertain and engage guests who wait in line for an exhibit or event to start. Email your finished masterpiece to  

Children and Youth

United to Learn - Participate in Virtual Career Days or High School Students can make videos as part of this video series. We’re especially excited about Spanish-speakers creating videos!  

Dallas Resident Resource Guide

The City of Dallas has created a Resident Resource Guide, in both English and Spanish with information for Dallas residents on:

  • Rental assistance
  • Filing for unemployment
  • Connecting displaced workers to jobs
  • Food assistance
  • Help paying utilities (notemost utility disconnections have been halted during this time)
  • Mental health resources
  • Business loan information
  • Other key resources

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts is working hard to be there for families and girls throughout North Texas. They have developed virtual programming across many topics, including their four pillars of STEM, outdoor leadership, entrepreneurship and life skills, in addition to sharing resources related to mental health for girls.
  • Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas has a new virtual programming site that is being updated daily and promoted to their membership, partner schools, corporations who need resources for families, etc. 
Visit GSNETX's Virtual Programming Site
  • Girl Scouts USA’s Raising Awesome Girls site that provides information on how to help girls handle this difficult situation. It provides articles and suggestions for parents to talk to their daughters.
Visit Raising Awesome Girls Site

Give Together Now Dallas

In times like these, simple acts of kindness can remind people who are struggling that they’re not alone. The Dallas community is stepping up to help each other. Join us in sharing 1,000 acts of kindness in one week! When our community moderators see and confirm an act of kindness you share on social media, $500 in cash assistance will be provided directly to a family in Dallas impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional Resources


Harmony CDC Counseling Center

Harmony CDC Counseling Center is offering Kids Teletherapy. To help families during this time, the first two counseling sessions are FREE to new clients until April 30, 2020.  For more info call 214.751.3932 or complete the online form at


Plasma Donations

Healthcare experts in Dallas County are exploring the use of plasma as a possible therapy. Plasma is a part of the blood and can be collected just as any blood donation and can be safely collected from individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 might help boost immunity or recovery for those who are currently fighting the disease.  To learn more about the process, criteria for donating and how to donate from our partners at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center or Red Cross.

Mental Health

Rainbow DaysWays to Help In-kind + Resources for You & Your Family – Rainbow Days wants you to know that they care about you and your family. If your child is experiencing anxiety, this is a great time to start a daily “check-in” to give them an opportunity share their feelings. In Rainbow Days support groups, they call this activity “Sunshine and Cloud.” A “Sunshine” is something that makes you feel happy, and a “Cloud” is something that makes you feel sad or angry. They begin every support group with this activity, which is also a great tool to adapt and do each day in your own household. Check out their free resource for you to use with your family:

download a copy of a “Sunshine and Cloud”

Additional resources for talking to your kids about  the coronavirus 

NAMI- Stay Healthy - Mental Health Resources: Below are resources that will help you with the anxiety and isolation that this pandemic may cause.

Texas Health and Human Services Mental Health Hotline

Wrongful Eviction Assistance

Dallas County established a tenant helpline for tenants who have been evicted despite the order or who are pending eviction. Before reaching out, residents are advised of the following:

  • Tenants engaged in criminal activity or causing an imminent threat to health and safety may be subject to eviction prior to the aforementioned date.
  • Tenants maintain responsibility for paying their rent.
  • Tenants are encouraged to contact their landlord and make sure they are aware when eviction moratoriums are in place.
  • When having difficulty paying rent, tenants should attempt to make payments and/or establish a payment schedule with their landlord.

Information about the initial order suspending evictions, is available in English and Spanish at:, or by email/phone at Phone numbers: 214-653-6563 or 833-743-0072. Additionally, here are some frequently asked questions for landlords and tenants about the orders halting evictions that are in effect in the City of Dallas: Spanish and English.

The Senior Source

The Senior Source created a COVID-19 resource guide that provides information for seniors, including information on specific grocery store hours dedicated to seniors, and guidance for those who are caring for seniors during the pandemic.