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Buckner Family Hope Centers are child-centered, family focused places where families go to find hope, support, and empowerment in their community to reach their fullest God-given potential. The key to the Family Hope Center's success is found in combining effective programs and passionate people to help families facing significant challenges such as poverty, family crisis and lack of services.

We serve individuals living in:

  • Southern Dallas and surrounding areas
Services include:
  • Family Coaching/Assistance
  • Community Events
  • Adult Education
  • Parent Education
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Spiritual Enrichment
  • Counseling
  • Child & Youth Development

For further information, please call (214) 948-5153.

Want to learn more about CFT’s focus on Economic Security?

At Communities Foundation of Texas, we are deeply committed to making a profound and measurable impact in the economic success across the North Texas community. If you have questions on our work, or would like to learn how you could invest alongside us, please contact us.