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WendyAbel.jpgWendy Abel

Outcomes Manager, CitySquare
As Outcomes Manager, I work with the programs to identify outcomes, targets and goals.  With the data team, reports are created to measure program progress, and train staff on the use of our data system and how it can inform and shape their work with our neighbors.

CFT has allowed us to bring data decisions to all of our programs. Through the WFS cohort, we have learned how to better invite our teams to the data table in identifying ways to better use data to better support our neighbors and to use data to better inform our stakeholders.


Rachael Berhe

Program Director, Wilkinson Center
As the Program Director, I provide leadership, guidance and supervision of Adult Education and Literacy, Workforce training and Food and Supportive Services. My role includes evaluation, data tracking and program design.

Communities Foundation of Texas has had a great impact on the work that we do at Wilkinson Center. It started with the Data Driven Decision Making cohort and now The Working Families Success Network. This is a model we have adopted agency wide and it really allows the people we serve to receive the same core services regardless of entry point into the agency.

KatelynDavis.jpgKatelyn Davis

Program Director, CEC
As Program Director, I am responsible for the strategic implementation and program outcomes for Employment & Financial Coaching Services, Housing PLUS Program and Adult Education.

Partnering with CFT and adopting the Working Families Success (WFS) Model has opened many doors for not only our programs but also our staff and clients.  The Coaching Team utilizes a variety of tools that has had tremendous impact on service delivery and helps client have the opportunity to build a solid foundation with financial stability and economic advancement.

MariaRivera.jpgMaria Rivera

Program Manager, Catholic Charities of Dallas
In my role, I oversee the program outcomes, partnerships, funding, and staff development needed to provide a solid foundation of financial stability services to clients.

In our continued partnership with CFT and the WFS model, we have been able to effectively improve the way services were provided to clients. It led us take a holistic approach in making sure they had access to more than one service, since they were already engaged in our services.

TerriRios.jpgTerri Rios

Director of Employment Solutions, The Women's Center of Tarrant County
I oversee The Women’s Center’s Jobs NOW!, Strengthening Families, and skills training programs, which exist to inspire and empower women and men to overcome crisis and poverty. 

Under my leadership, program services have been enhanced with the implementation of best practices based on community needs, including the shift to the Working Families Success model.  This model has lifted our programming to a new level of effectiveness.  Our team of coaches utilize career coaching for job advancement to unemployed and underemployed workers, and financial coaching to assist families become financially stable. 

"It is rare to find a group of leaders from different agencies, who are willing to share not only their successes, but also their missteps and blemishes we all experienced as we implemented WFS into our work. We have all learned from each other – freely sharing ideas, techniques, and what works and what doesn’t work, in a safe, non-judgmental setting. This process was and still is a culture of learning as we grow to understand what WFS is, what CFT wanted from us, and how to make WFS work in all our very different programs and agency cultures."


"Relationship. Trust. Transparency and access. I have always felt these were the driving values that have fed off each other and truly laid a path for growth in this journey. We all began as somewhat novices in this endeavor, and through the incorporation of these foundational values of trust, relationship building, transparency and access coupled with a long-term commitment and engagement arrived where we are today - better, stronger, and together."


Want to learn more about CFT’s focus on Economic Security?

At Communities Foundation of Texas, we are deeply committed to making a profound and measurable impact in the economic success across the North Texas community. If you have questions on our work, or would like to learn how you could invest alongside us, please contact us.