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North Texas Community Response Fund

CFT has established the North Texas Community Response Fund, that will be used to support community needs in response to COVID-19. Donations to this fund will be used to provide support for organizations that work with people and communities who may be most affected by COVID-19. This will likely include support for individuals and families who need access to food and/or healthcare, supplementing lost wages and/or housing costs or support for agencies who work with vulnerable populations such as seniors and/or homeless.

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*For CFT fundholders wishing to make a grant from your fund, contact your Relationship Manager or click here.

All nonprofits will need continued support over the coming weeks, even if they may not be directly responding the crisis. We encourage everyone to continue providing financial support to the broad range of causes and nonprofits you care about across the community.  Nonprofits are going to have an increased need for services during and after this outbreak, as well as access to flexible, unrestricted funds that provide additional dollars to help them during this epidemic.


The Get Shift Done Fund at CFT

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, The Get Shift Done for North Texas Fund was launched at CFT to address both affected service workers who have lost their paychecks while providing immediate support for increased demands on nonprofits, especially with respect to hunger relief. Anurag Jain and Patrick Brandt are the innovative thinkers who brought this idea to fruition and who are working hard to make this happen in our community.

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North Texas Cares 

North Texas Cares is a funder collaborative made up of North Texas foundations and United Ways that have come together to provide support for organizations that work with people and communities who may be most negatively affected by COVID-19. This includes agencies who support individuals and families with access to food and/or healthcare; supplementing lost wages and/or housing costs or serving vulnerable populations such as seniors and/or those experiencing homelessness; as well as supporting academic learning and distance learning for low-income, low-access students while schools are closed.

Participating funders are working collaboratively to collect emergency funding requests, using a common online application, in order to simplify and streamline the process for nonprofits seeking emergency funds. Funders will use a shared portal to access information submitted by nonprofits via the common grant application.

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*Donations to the North Texas Community Response Fund will be applied towards funding requests received through North Texas Cares.


Revive Dallas Small Business Relief Fund

The DEC Network (Dallas Entrepreneur Center) in collaboration with the private business community and LiftFund has launched the Revive Dallas Small Business Relief Fund at CFT. This fund was created to support small business entrepreneurs whose businesses are in jeopardy of not surviving in the age of coronavirus, with a priority on providing funding to minority and women owned small businesses who have been unable to find suitable funding to get them through the pandemic. CFT will serve as the fiscal sponsor for this fund and LiftFund is the loan partner that will be administering the application and approval process.
This initiative has already raised $2 million in fundraising commitments and has received endorsements from Dallas Regional Chamber, Dallas Citizens Council, Downtown Dallas Inc., Visit Dallas, North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Dallas.

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Dallas County COVID-19 Response Fund  

The Dallas County COVID-19 Response Fund has been established to provide frontline responders with the resources necessary to directly combat the spread of the virus SARS-CoV-2 which produces the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19. By donating to this fund, your contribution will go directly to the front lines of the fight in Dallas County as directed by its executive, Judge Clay Jenkins.

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Looking for resources and information on how to help our community during COVID-19? Visit our resource page to find information on:

  • Ways to Give
  • Family Resources
  • Education Resources
  • Nonprofit Amazon Wish Lists
  • Online Resources
  • Webinars & Podcasts
  • Virtual Volunteer Opportunities
  • North Texas Cares
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About CFT's Relief and Recovery Approach

An effective response, regardless of where a crisis occurs, requires sustained involvement on behalf of donors, responding organizations and a myriad of other actors. The bulk of dollars in response to tragedy and disaster are often allocated during the emergency humanitarian relief phase (with a focus on emergency food, shelter, water, sanitation and health care). Emergency relief is vital. Still, experts agree that relief and recovery dollars are insufficient to meet the medium- and long-term needs of crisis-affected communities. CFT believes in supporting the complete timeline of management efforts: from immediate relief to recovery.

Learn more about CFT's approach to long-term recovery efforts