Would You Give More if You Could?

Sometimes it’s difficult to be charitable when your budget is tight and the future is uncertain—after all, your family comes first. But there is a way to make a significant gift that takes into account tax-saving strategies and income-producing assets. These types of gifts are called planned gifts.

Gift planning is thoughtfully selecting—from a menu of gift-giving opportunities—a charitable gift that is also favorable to you. While its primary purpose is to help the charitable cause of your choice, its secondary purpose is for you to enjoy the personal financial or family benefits that certain plans may provide you.

Planned gifts can be made now, to immediately support the community, or they can be planned now to be enacted upon your death, as a final way to leave your legacy.

A Menu of Choices and Tax Benefits

To give you an idea of what sorts of gifts and benefits are available through gift planning, we’ve compiled the chart below for your review. As you can see, your choices are many. And no matter which planned gift you choose, you get peace of mind knowing that your careful planning makes a big difference in the lives of those we serve. Communities Foundation of Texas can help you determine which type of gift is right for you. To set up a confidential consultation, please contact Geri Jacobs at 214-750-4255 or gjacobs@cftexas.org.

Would you give more if you could?

Geri Jacobs, ChFC, CLU
Director of Charitable Gift Planning

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