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D3 Reunion And Celebration!

In 2011, CFT invited its first of three cohorts of nonprofit service providers to embark upon a nine-month journey to discover the skills and tools necessary to create data-informed solutions to the social and economic problems facing low-income working families. CFT’s Data-Driven Decision-Making Institute (D3) created a learning community within the nonprofit sector that taught them how to use data to drive decisions about services, clients and funding needs.

Through this learning community, relationships grew and partnerships were established. A year after its last class, CFT wanted to show the 46 agencies its appreciation for their sacrifices and hard work, and give them an opportunity to share with and celebrate one another. The D3 Reunion and Celebration was just that, a time to reunite with old friends and celebrate the great work the agencies were doing and the larger impact on the community. The guests were greeted with music from the ’80s and a display of D3 pictures on the screen. As they reminisced, guests were encouraged to get autographs from their fellow classmates in their “yearbook,” as well as hear stories on the impact from D3.