Designated Funds

Establishing a designated fund allows you to support the good work of one specific nonprofit organization such as a senior center, museum, or any nonprofit charitable organization. Because your gift is given through us, it provides the organization you select with not only funding, but also planned giving and investment management services.

Designated Fund Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a designated fund?

Designated funds are a way you can provide a steady, long-term source of income for a specific nonprofit organization that you support.

How does a designated fund work?

Once you, the donor, establish a designated fund, grants are made regularly to the nonprofits you've specified. The funding provides the nonprofit with a sustainable and dependable source of support. Funding is dependent on the amount in the fund and based on a schedule you create when the fund is established.

What is the minimum amount required to open a designated fund?

$10,000 is the minimum required balance. We manage funds as large as hundreds of millions.

Who is the ideal donor for a designated fund?

Designated funds are great for donors who know exactly which nonprofits they would like to support and do not feel the need to be actively involved in grantmaking. Additionally, designated funds are favored by individuals and families who want to leave a legacy gift supporting specific nonprofits they care about, and for memorializing those who had a particular cause they were passionate about. Some nonprofits create designated funds benefitting themselves to allow us to handle the gift receipting and asset management.

Can a fund be for a specific program?

Yes. You can be as specific as you wish in your fund agreement. For example, you may name a specific program or aspect of a nonprofit’s operations, such as building maintenance, staff training, etc., or you may specify to provide general operating support. Designated funds can also specify that they are never to be used for a specific aspect of a nonprofit’s operations, such as capital improvements. Stipulations such as these must be written into the fund agreement.

Dallas Black Dance Theater

Dallas Black Dance Theatre

The premier professional dance company in Dallas, Dallas Black Dance Theatre (DBDT), successfully completed a $10.8 million capital campaign to secure a permanent home in 2008 and established a fund with CFT to make annual giving easy for donors. Read more
Above photo: Dancer: Nycole Ray
Photographer: Richard Rodriguez

Carolyn A. Newham, JD
Senior Director of Donor Relations & Fund Administration

Elizabeth Liser
Donor Services Director

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