Glossary of Terms

agency fund: A fund established by a Nonprofit organization to outsource the financial management of its assets, reserve funds or endowment. Click here to learn more about our agency funds. 

community impact fund: CFT provides grant funding to nonprofits in North Texas from our Community Impact Fund in two key areas: at-risk middle school youth and working families. Click here to learn more. 

D3 Institute: D3 stands for data-driven decision making, and the Institute cohort of organizations that offer programs and services for low-income working families called the D3 Institute. Working together, the cohort is accelerating their development of enduring solutions to the social and economic problems facing this population. The Institute was created to further the research funded by CFT regarding Dallas’ asset poverty problem. Click here to learn more about the D3 Institute

designated fund: A fund established by a Donor or multiple donors that benefits a specific nonprofit organization or charitable purpose.

discretionary fund: Also known at CFT as our Community Impact Fund (see above). Click here to learn more about our community impact fund. 

donor-advised fund: A fund established by a donor, family or business that allows the donor to make ongoing grant reccommendations to public charities and advise on investments. Click here to learn more about donor-advised funds. 

field of interest fund: Funds established to meet charitable needs in a specific area (eg. Fund for Animals). Click here to learn more.

North Texas Giving Day: North Texas Giving Day is an annual fundraising event that has pumped over $119 million into the local community since 2009. In 2015, the 18-hour giving event raised $33 million for 2,022 North Texas nonprofits. It has grown to be the largest community-wide giving event in the nation. See results here.

scholarships: A fund established by a Donor, family or corporation for awarding educational support to individuals. Click here to read more about Scholarships 

supporting organization: Similar to donor-advised funds in granting flexibility, but a legally separate entity from CFT, supporting organizations may allow more direct donor involvement and specificity. They are also similar to private foundations, but they have public charity status because they support a public charity.
Type I: donor has minority position on the board, CFT has majority
Type II: donor has no role on the board, same board as CFT

W. W. Caruth, Jr. Foundation: A supporting organization of CFT created by W. W. Caruth, Jr. which uses its assets for transformative projects in 1)public safety; 2)education; and 3) health and medical research. Click here to learn more about the W.W. Caruth, Jr. Foundation.

Our Key Programs:

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