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The High Cost of Living Poor

KERA’s new series One Crisis Away: Inside A Neighborhood launched February 23

GOING TO SCHOOL, FINDING A GOOD JOB, opening a savings account and buying a home are all parts of the American dream. But they might only be dreams for many, because one in three North Texans can’t weather a financial storm that lasts 90 days.

KERA’s new series One Crisis Away: Inside A Neighborhoodexamines the staggering costs of living in poverty through the lens of the Jubilee Park neighborhood in Old East Dallas. Racking up interest on a payday loan, working for minimum wage, paying fees to cash a check and struggling to find healthy groceries are challenges residents in this community face every day — challenges the neighborhood is working to solve.

With One Crisis Away: Inside A Neighborhood, you’ll hear from residents and take a tour of Jubilee Park, where in some areas the median income is just $16,000. You can also explore the history of the neighborhood and get a look at how the community is addressing the devastating effects of poverty.

Stories in the radio series and online news project are examining the costs of being “un-banked,” life in a “food desert” (lack of access to quality and affordable neighborhood food options), wage inequalities, payday lending issues and the daily experience of those working hard just to make ends meet. Listen to reports in this latest installment of KERA’s One Crisis Away series on KERA FM, and experience the online news project anytime at or