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DAF: Simple, flexible and easy to open

July, 28 2016

Opening a donor-advised fund with CFT offers a simple, flexible and easy to open charitable vehicle for your clients to give money to schools, hospitals, museums, and other nonprofit organizations they care about.  Donor-advised funds can be established with cash, marketable securities, closely held and restricted stock, life insurance policies, real estate, retirement plan assets, business/partnership interests, oil, gas and mineral rights or tangible personable property. Contributions are tax-deductible up to 50 percent of adjusted gross income for cash and 30 percent of AGI for stocks and real property.  Regardless of the type of asset, we work closely with donors and their professional advisors to discuss options and outline charitable intent to facilitate the contribution of simple or complex assets and find the most cost-effective way to maximize philanthropic options while minimizing tax liability.

Setting up a donor-advised fund is easy:

  1. Identify donors giving goals
  2. Determine how much do they wish to give?  (minimum $10,000)
  3. Identify successor advisors
  4. Select fund investment option.
  5. Complete fund agreement, open fund and begin granting to worthy nonprofits.

It’s that simple!  Donors receive one tax receipt and experience greater tax benefits and flexibility with fewer administrative burdens than setting up a private foundation.  Donors also stay personally involved in grant making and benefit from the due diligence conducted on nonprofits by CFT’s community experts who review more than 3,000 nonprofit grants annually.

CFT’s Donor Relations staff works closely with DFW area philanthropic advisors to customize charitable solutions for their clients.  We partner with advisors to tailor solutions for their clients that meet their charitable giving needs, offer the maximum charitable tax deductions and provide many ways to incorporate charitable giving into their estate plans.

We are available to meet for coffee or lunch, at your office or ours to learn more about your business and discuss how CFT’s philanthropic services can be of assistance to you and your clients.  Please contact me at or 214-750-4145.

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