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Let Us All Be Philanthropists

September 14, 2020

A message from CFT's President & CEO, Dave Scullin

The unparalleled crisis of COVID-19 has changed our lives and our community dramatically as we continue to navigate the effects of being at a distance from one another, our loved ones, and our colleagues. Despite this distance, and perhaps in recognition of this, $20 million was raised this spring in an outpouring of support for 2,500 nonprofits through North Texas Giving Tuesday Now, an emergency day of giving that proved that COVID-19 cannot cancel the generosity and kindness of North Texans. As we gear up for North Texas Giving Day on September 17, 2020, the largest single day of giving in the country, we know that our community needs this event to be extraordinarily successful to meet the extraordinary and growing needs across our community.

At CFT, our vision is of thriving communities for all. We remain committed to the notion of building a community where everyone has equitable opportunities to thrive. COVID-19 has exacerbated challenging structural gaps that we all know have existed for decades. While we continue to work to meet growing needs in response to COVID-19, we cannot lose sight of the importance of celebrating diversity, championing equity and inclusion, and advocating tirelessly for equitable policies that serve and benefit all. We accept the challenge and responsibility to do more ourselves and demand more from others.

The word “philanthropy” means “love of mankind.” Let us all be philanthropists, opening our hearts wider to show our love for one another and our community. Let us commit to this, together, and to the actions that will turn our words into reality.

We stand with you, our partners, donors, and grantees working to build more equitable communities. Let us share our collective power, voice, and resources with all who need it. Together, let’s build something better, for all.

Standing side by side,


President and CEO, Communities Foundation of Texas

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