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Turning A Day of Tragedy into A Day of Doing Good

September 20, 2021

Freedom Day 2021 at Cedar Hill High School

Photo credit: Kim Leeson Photography

Freedom Day, an annual day of service led by CFT for Business, commemorates 9/11/2001 by transforming a day of profound loss for our country into a day for doing good in our community. Over the years, more than 14,000 volunteers have donated 50,000 hours of service. Despite having no memory of that day, the K-12 students we serve in our public schools have grown up in an America irrevocably changed by what happened that day.
This year, on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, Educate Texas staff and volunteers went down to Cedar Hill High School to restore their on-campus greenhouse for use by their STEM students. As our partner in districtwide STEM implementation, Cedar Hill ISD works with Educate Texas to align students, teachers, and school leaders with higher education and workforce needs, integrating STEM concepts across the full spectrum of teaching and learning to ensure students are better prepared for the many high wage jobs in STEM fields.

Photo credit: Kim Leeson Photography

Cedar Hill High School students participating in career and technical education, and journalism are already using the greenhouse project as part of their curriculum in school, and Cedar Hill High School teachers are working with Educate Texas to include the project as part of English, biology, agriculture, nutrition, graphic design, and IT courses.

Visit to learn more, and learn more about the Freedom Day greenhouse restoration project Educate Texas hosted with Cedar Hill ISD below.

Cedar Hill greenhouse restoration project