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Food, Shelter, and Warm Hearts

The Dallas Morning News Charities raised $1,224,044 for its 2009-2010 campaign to help the area’s hungry and homeless.

CFT assisted the Charities board in reviewing applications from local agencies.CFT also provided administrative support during the campaign, processing donations and maintaining donor records.

  • Dallas Life Foundation $12,317.71
  • Our Daily Bread $15,397.14
  • White Rock Center of Hope $30,794.27
  • Arlington Life Shelter $73,906.26
  • Austin Street Center $80,256.61
  • Brother Bill's Helping Hand $43,111.99
  • Crossroads Community Services $67,938.90
  • Family Gateway $80,256.61
  • Frisco Family Services $24,635.42
  • Genesis Women's Shelter $92,574.32
  • Interfaith Housing Coalition $43,111.99
  • Network of Community Ministries $55,429.69
  • New Beginning Center $20,000.00
  • North Dallas Shared Ministries $74,097.76
  • North Texas Food Bank $43,111.98
  • Oak Cliff Churches for Emergency Aid $36,953.13
  • Promise House $73,906.26
  • Stewpot $104,903.92
  • Vogel Alcove Child Care Center for the Homeless $67,938.90
  • Wilkinson Center $98,733.18
  • Duncanville Outreach Ministry $21,555.99
  • Grand Prairie United Charities $10,000.00
  • Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance $43,111.99
  • Sharing Life Community Outreach $10,000.00

Since 1986, The Dallas Morning News Charities has raised more than $20 million dollars. The newspaper pays all of the administrative costs of the campaign so that 100% of donations go directly to the agency beneficiaries.


In Memoriam

Captain Forest R. Biard (Ret.)

Mr. Duncan E. Boeckman

Mr. Daniel P. Bolin

Mr. Donald E. Bowles, Sr.

Mr. Norman E. Brinker

Mrs. Jane H. Browning

Mr. Rufus C. Burleson III

Mr. Durwood Chalker

Mr. William E. Cooper

Mrs. Mary K. Doolin

Mrs. Jeannette B. Early

Mr. Charles R. Fallen

Dr. John W. Fisher, Jr.

Mr. Edward C. Fritz

Mr. Richard I. Galland

Mr. Robert E. Glaze

Mrs. Carolyn P. Horchow

Ms. Dorothy M. Irving

Mr. Thomas J. Marquez

Mr. Michael A. O'Neil

Mr. Robert B. Payne, Sr.

Mr. L. Frank Pitts

Mrs. Ruby N. Priddy

Mr. Thomas L. Raley

Mrs. Lois R. Rudine

Ms. Francine C. Rudine

Mr. Francis L. Rudine

Mrs. Edythe W. P. Salzberger

Mrs. Elaine D. Sammons

Mrs. Sarah M. “Sadie” Seay

Mr. Charles E. Seay, Sr.

Mr. Ernest H. Seelhorst

Mr. Charles R. Sitter

Mr. Samuel H. Tannebaum

Mrs. Martha J. Vaughan

Mr. Edward O. Vetter

Mrs. Ruby R. Vince

Mrs. Dail C. West

Mr. John P. Wilson

Mr. Ivor P. Wold