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CFT welcomes new members to the Board of Trustees

As stewards for more than 800 charitable funds, CFT Trustees exercise authority over the foundation’s investments and charitable grants. CFT is proud to announce that Jeanne T. Cox and Bobby B. Lyle have joined the Board of Trustees to help continue meeting this important responsibility. These highly respected civic leaders bring with them expert philanthropic and fiscal knowledge and a deep understanding of the needs of our community. 

Ms. Cox is a founding member of the John G. Tower Center for Political Studies Board of Directors, is a trustee for the Berry R. Cox Family Foundation and she is an active supporter of the arts. A graduate of Southern Methodist University, Ms. Cox continues to show support for her alma mater, serving on the Executive Board of Dedman College, the Board of Directors of the Cary M. Maguire Center of Ethics and Public Responsibility, the Parent Leadership Council and Dedman College’s Campaign Committee.

Mr. Lyle is Chairman, President and CEO of Lyco Holdings, Inc., and is also a trustee of Southern Methodist University where he serves on seven of the university’s various boards. As a civic leader, he is a founder and board member of several commercial companies and is actively involved with many philanthropic organizations, including the Salvation Army and Circle Ten Council of the Boy Scouts. He holds a BSME from Louisiana Tech University, a graduate degree from SMU and an Ed.D from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

As we welcome our new board members, we also offer a round of applause and our deep gratitude to departing board member Linda Brack McFarland for her decade of outstanding service. Our foundation and our community have truly been enriched by her many contributions.

As 2009 came to a close, Linda Brack McFarland completed her term as a valued member of the CFT Board of Trustees.


Incoming Trustees, Jeanne T. Cox and Bobby B. Lyle, are welcomed to CFT by Jody Grant, Chairman of CFT’s Board of Trustees, and Brent Christopher, CEO and President of CFT, pictured here along with the new vision for the foundation.