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Working Together For Success


THE WORKING FAMILIES SUCCESS (WFS) MODEL provides a framework for delivering key services and financial supports to low-income families, using an integrated approach specifically designed to make it easier for those families to obtain critically needed work-support services. The WFS Model is built on the concept that integrating services in an intentional, thoughtful way helps clients overcome barriers and advance economically.

For the agencies who have been part of the WFS cohort through CFT, participation has been impactful not only for the clients, but also for the staff, says Jenna Pannas, Director of Workforce Services at Catholic Charities Fort Worth. “Bundled services and coaching offered through this model are not only different for us, they are different for clients. Everyone is learning together — leadership, staff and clients.” Participating agencies in the WFS cohort have made a multiyear commitment and are also required to collect a common set of metrics.