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Dave ScullinTIME FLIES when you’re having fun, and it’s hard to believe I’m almost at my six-month mark. As I’ve been getting deeper into our mission and what we do, I’m continually struck by how meaningful and important our work is across the spectrum of our community. And each day I feel the passion of each of you as our CFT champions: trustees and employees, donors, fund holders, nonprofit leaders, educators and civic leaders. We are all coming together for the ultimate goal of making a big difference in North Texas where we are most needed.

This newsletter is packed full of stories that highlight how special it is when we all work together. From corporate volunteering to gifting a family heirloom, the best outcomes come from a shared vision of a better tomorrow. CFT’s recent grant to support a significant initiative to address the loose dog crisis in southern Dallas is just one of the many examples of how we’ve worked closely with peer funders, the City, and our neighbors to make a sustained and meaningful difference, in our community. Yet the challenge remains, and our community needs much more going forward to truly thrive. I have a lot of ideas for CFT and how we can better work with all of you to make a greater difference and look forward to exploring and implementing these with your support over the coming months.

I feel fortunate and humbled to be leading CFT and deeply appreciate your warm support. Working together, we have the unique opportunity to influence a very bright future for the North Texas community. It will be anything but easy, yet I am optimistic, energized and particularly proud to engage in our collective effort.

Dave Scullin

President and CEO

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