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Hot Shot Volunteers

Keith Berry selected for company volunteer leadership award

EACH EFNT MEMBER COMPANYDESIGNATES AN ENGAGEMENT CAPTAIN — a person who commits to help their colleagues engage in community-related efforts and who helps their company become a good corporate citizen. On Freedom Day, EFNTannounced that Keith Berry, General Manager of Dallas Operations for Hazel’s Hot Shot, was the winner of the 2015 Engagement Captain Award

“As an engagement captain, Keith uses community outreach to improve employee morale,” says Dustin Marshall, CEO. “He implemented several new policies — including paid time off for volunteer work and a company fund for optional employee payroll deductions, 100% matched by Hazel’s. He increased Hazel’s corporate giving substantially by introducing worthy nonprofits to senior management.”

Keith overhauled internal hiring practices to give convicted felons a chance at employment if they completed a recognized and vetted training program. On multiple occasions, he reworked the call center schedule to facilitate volunteering during business hours. Keith incorporated community involvement into the formal review process at Hazel’s and has started recognizing employees publicly for their volunteer work. Plus, he has used Hazel’s trucking and logistics infrastructure as a tool to assist several nonprofit partners with their logistics needs. For these reasons and more, Keith was selected as EFNT’s Engagement Captain Award winner for 2015.