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Letter from Brent

Any one for a spot of tea ?

In case you have been living on another planet for the last several months, you should know that Downton Abbey is completing its sixth and final season on public television. This is the latest example of a British invasion which has been wildly embraced by Americans.

Vicariously experiencing the end of the Edwardian era through the lives of the Crawley family and the staff members at their estate in the English countryside has been nothing less than a cultural phenomenon. Plus, it’s just loads of fun.

Needless to say, it’s also been a lot of fun for us to partner with KERA in providing support for local public television and talking about the role of CFT in our community during the introduction to Downton episodes this season.

But a longer and more impactful relationship between CFT and KERA is connected directly to families living on the financial edge right here in North Texas, not a country estate in England. KERA is in its third round of producing One Crisis Away, a personal look at real local individuals who are dealing with the struggles of asset poverty – not having a financial safety net beneath them in the event of a job loss, a medical challenge, or any of the other kinds of life events that can push us into insecurity.

Helping to build financial stability for families is one of CFT’s priorities. Supporting KERA continues to be an effective partnership for creating much stronger public awareness and understanding of the underlying issues. You can read a little more about our collaboration in this newsletter.

And while the Crawleys are transitioning into the modern era and leaving our screens, feel free to stop by my office any time you need to see a guy in a bow tie!


President and CEO