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Dallas Peace and Justice Center

The Mission of the Dallas Peace and Justice Center is to promote a just and peaceful world through education, dialogue, reconciliation, advocacy, and constructive action. This organization keeps a finger on the pulse of activists’ concerns, and stands ready to lead or assist in research, education, dialogue and action for peace and justice. The Dallas Peace and Justice Center plans to hold a “powwow” for the local Native American community to celebrate their right to vote and discuss the history of how Native Americans were finally allowed to vote in 1965. The event would also touch on the importance of the 19th Amendment in opening other doors for women, and voter registration would be a component of the program. Finally, they have tentative plans to involve either Democrat Sharice Davids of Kansas (Ho-Chunk Tribal Nation) or Deb Haaland of New Mexico (Laguna Pueblo) to come and speak about their struggle as women and the importance of voting. Both women are the very first two Native American women ever elected into Congress in 2018. This project is projected to serve between 100-300 Native American community members.

Focus Areas