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Since our inception in 1953, we have made more than $1.9 billion in grants to support education, health care, public safety, social service, animals, the arts and more — touching nearly all aspects of life in our community.

The Letter of Inquiry process supports programs that address needs across the North Texas region (Collin, Dallas, Denton, Rockwall and Tarrant Counties). Through this process, each year, Communities Foundation of Texas has provided approximately 50 to 60 grants annually between $5,000-$20,000 to nonprofits in the region. Below is the list of all the nonprofits that were grant recipients in 2019.

Nurse-Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership is an evidence-based community health program that provides ongoing home visits from registered nurses for low-income, first-time moms. Nurses provide care and support to ensure moms have a healthy pregnancy and can safely care for their baby.


Pathways Youth and Family Services

Pathways Youth and Family Services’ mission is to create environments where children and families thrive. Through their Mosaic Consulting division, they offer easily accessible behavioral health services for children in foster care, including counseling, case management, skills training, and psychiatry services. 


Pet Partners of North Texas

Pet Partners seeks to improve human health and wellness through the human-animal bond. They provide animal therapy teams to visit hospitals, cancer centers, retirement communities, and social service centers to improve health and wellness outcomes for clients.



Trough intensive, daily aftercare, POETIC works with teenage survivors of sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking to reintegrate them into the Dallas community following their release from the juvenile justice system. Funding is requested to support the general operations of POETIC's comprehensive, on-site aftercare program that includes individual and family therapy, case management, creative arts therapy, and career coaching.


Rainbow Days

Rainbow Days helps children and youth facing adversity by building coping skills and resilience to create positive futures. Funding supported Camp Bravo!, a visual and performing arts summer day camp for over 300 homeless youth (aged 4-12). Campers will participate in different interactive classes such as pottery, dance, and music theater, in addition to a curriculum-based support group where they discuss resisting peer pressure, making healthy choices, and planning for the future.


Ranch Hands Rescue

Ranch Hands Rescue provides a sanctuary for animals and a counseling center for people founded on hope and healing made available to all regardless of ability to pay. Their mental health counseling services specialize in working with complex trauma cases, particularly for individuals who have not improved with their traditional treatment program.


Rockwall Helping Hands

The mission of Rockwall County Helping Hands is to serve Rockwall Country residents by alleviating financial crises and providing a medical home to the underserved. Funding is requested to support primary healthcare for uninsured or underinsured individuals in Rockwall County, including preventative screenings and targeted outreach events.


Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Program is dedicated to the rehabilitation of injured, sick and orphaned wild birds. They strive to increase public awareness, appreciation and respect for birds and all wildlife. Located on 20 acres near Hutchins, the center restores the health of birds so they may be released back to their natural habitat.


Rosa Es Rojo

Rosa Es Rojo makes wellness and cancer prevention accessible to the Hispanic women in America by training them on nutrition, physical activity, emotional health and positive thinking. Funding will support "The Rojo Way".