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CFT's Asset- Based Framing Workshop

A nonprofit & funder workshop with Trabian Shorters

As a part of the Resilience Capacity Building Series, CFT, in partnership with Asset Funders Network, sponsored a three-hour interactive workshop on March 3rd, from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm using presentation, call-and-response, small group discussion, plenary discussion, and humor to engage participants with knowledge from global authorities on cognition, racial narrative, social innovation, and engagement.

But first, what is asset-framing?

Asset-framing is a mental model that fundamentally supports equity by encouraging us to define people by their aspirations and contributions before noting their challenges. It helps our audiences see that there are unfair systems at work, robbing people of earnings, assets, opportunities, and dignity. Asset framing also offers forward-thinking leaders a reliable way to increase engagement, support, and investment for their enterprises across race, gender, and economic classes. It’s an award-winning cognitive frame that engenders understanding, confidence and inspires constructive action.

Trabian Shorters led this three-part workshop including:

  1. A Game-Changing Discovery: What Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman has learned about how human cognition works and why it is impossible for us to make decisions that aren’t primed by our most familiar narratives.

  2. Our habit of deficit framing: By leading with deficits, we hinder powerful solutions and argue for equity from a relatively weak position.

  3. A Better Way: Tips to apply asset framing to achieve your goals and desired outcomes.

Registration for this workshop is now closed as the event is at capacity and seats are no longer available. Be sure to check out the overview of our schedule for future capacity-building events and more information here.

About Trabian Shorters

TRABIAN-Shorters-Headshot_web.jpgTrabian Shorters is one of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs.

He is a retired tech entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, and former vice president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation where he was responsible for $300M in active grants and endowments in 26 US cities.

Asset-Framing equips its practitioners to have far greater social impact, raise more money, engage broader populations, and make fundamentally stronger cases for equity and systems-change.

Helping people to do the most good in our community is what CFT does best.

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