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Charitable planning with your clients is good business. It broadens and differentiates your services, helps create a strong bond with your clients, and serves your clients and the community.

Among the many advantages of working with us, Communities Foundation of Texas offers the professional advisor:

A cost-free resource for charitable planning

Since 1953, we have worked with estate planners, financial advisors, accountants and attorneys to help their clients with charitable planning.

A philanthropic partner that embraces your practice

We never look to eclipse your role—we want to enhance it. We all benefit from the strongest possible relationship between you and your client. We can work entirely in the background or attend meetings with you. It's your choice.

Accredited seminars, print and online resources, and professional gatherings

We offer an accredited continuing education seminar each year featuring the valuable information to enhance your charitable planning services.

When your charitable clients are ready to maximize their giving or plan their legacy, you can trust our donor relations staff to work with you to create the best philanthropic plan. You can reach us at 214.750.4145, or email Kathryn McGill directly.

Donsky“The benefit of donor-advised funds at CFT is that clients don’t have to maintain a separate foundation with annual reporting requirements. You can start with smaller contributions to try it out and then increase those amounts in the future,” says Calman Donsky, Partner at Gardere Wynne Sewell, L.L.P. Read more

Kathryn L. McGill, CAP©
Advisor Relations Officer

Call me if you would like to set up a fund for a client.

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