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In Fall 2017, the Communities Foundation of Texas expert philanthropy team reviewed the following nonprofit agencies and offers them for your funding consideration:

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Denton Community Market
Denton Community Market is strengthening communities in Denton by providing economic opportunities for local artists, businesses, food vendors, and food producers to contribute to the vitality and livability of Denton. Funding is requested for community outreach, operating and administrative costs, and to improve and promote the DCM as a small-business incubator.
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DFW Writers' Workshop
DFW Writers Workshop produces and promotes professionally published work by providing read and critique sessions, educational activities, ongoing author support, networking opportunities and a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere. Funding is requested for the DFW Writers Conference where DFW teaches the art and business aspects of writing. Funding is also requested for the Writers BLOC program which is a monthly writing class that is free of charge where professional authors give a one-hour seminar. Finally funds are requested for Read and Critique, a weekly program where writers practice their skills and improve their writing.
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Hope4Harper provides individual with disabilities by fostering research designed to alleviate symptoms for a better way of life. Funding is requested for Docu-series which focuses on special needs communities and breaking down a wall in them by making a documentary that educates, empowers, and shines the light on what it really means to have hope through a courageous journey. Funding is also requested for revival of Hope4Harpers website.
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Slappy and Monday's Foundation for Laughter
Slappy and Monday's Foundation for Laughter improves the health and education of the families we serve through the transformational power of laughter. Funding is requested for The Science of the Circus program that uses physical comedy to help children learn naturally through play, and retain the learning long after they forget content from test prep sheets. Funding is also requested to help Slappy and Monday's Foundation to expand nationally which will consist of 10 medically trained clowns working to de-stress families, and help young patients as well.
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Texas Tribune
Texas Tribune is a news organization that informs Texans- and engage with them- on public policy, politics, government and statewide issues. Funding is requested so that Texas Tribune can continue the urban-affairs reporting position to cover the city's most pressing challenges from a statewide perspective. Funding is also requested for distribution of content for free statewide and to 100 plus media partners, including the Washington Post. Finally funding is requested to hold free public events in Dallas so that citizens have the opportunity to discuss major public issues with lawmakers and local leaders, and to hold those elected officials accountable.
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Union cultivates neighborhoods for the good of Dallas and the world it inspires. Funding is requested to increase Union’s impact by elevating coffee program to increase customer donations to local charities, increased awareness of related causes and increased volunteerism. Funding is also requested to create a podcast for Naked Stage to increase Dallas culture impact. Finally funding is requested for Capes Empower Kids and Craft Community through which volunteers dress like superheroes and deliver the capes to kids with chronic illnesses.
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Veritas Life Adventures
Veritas Life Adventures provides youth with an unconventional, holistic experience that rejuvenates and reawakens the mystery and joy that comes from seeing and experiencing God. Funding is requested for monthly operational costs. Funding is also requested for staff compensation for the Executive Director to be compensated as a full-time employee. Finally funding is requested for the Youth program and the trip cost that includes equipment, supplies, curriculum, travel expenses, rental and so much more for the yearly program and three trips operating.
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Celeste AristaCeleste Arista
Community Philanthropy Officer

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