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Easy as a Phone Call

Calman Donsky, Partner, Gardere Wynne Sewell, L.L.P.

DonskyAs a partner with one of the Southwest’s largest full-service law firms, Calman Donsky appreciates the value and ease that Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) offers his busy clients. Many of those whom he counsels at Gardere Wynne Sewell, L.L.P. have an interest in charitable giving and the means to create a private foundation. However, Donsky urges them to consider establishing donor-advised funds at CFT. “The benefit of donor-advised funds at CFT is that clients don’t have to maintain a separate foundation with annual reporting requirements. You can start with smaller contributions to try it out and then increase those amounts in the future,” Donsky explained. Although others offer donor-advised funds, he is comfortable referring clients to CFT. “You don’t have to deal with a huge bureaucracy. It’s as easy as picking up the phone,” Donsky said. “Working with a donor-advised fund at CFT makes charitable giving effortless."

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Charitable planning with your clients is good business. It broadens and differentiates your services, helps create a strong bond with your clients, and serves your clients and the community. When your clients are ready to maximize their charitable giving or plan their legacy, you can trust our staff to work with you to create the best philanthropic plan.

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