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Blackland Prairie Raptor Center

BPRC believes in experience-based environmental education that heightens appreciation and respect for birds of prey and their vital role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem through outreach and onsite programming with live education ambassador raptors. We are the only raptor-specific hospital in north Texas receiving an average 600 patients each year then releasing them back into the wild. We are conservationists to restore endangered Blackland Prairie necessary for the survival of many raptor species as well as other wildlife.

Board Member Needs:
BPRC is looking for any skill sets but fundraising, accounting are a plus. Interest in Texas environment and education as well as appreciation of wildlife rehabilitation also helpful.

Assists in some outreach activities at community events, makes contacts for funding opportunities, assist with annual volunteer appreciation dinner.

Other Information:
We are looking for three board members for two year terms; Board meets monthly

For more information, please visit their website