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Chamberlain Performing Arts

Plano based, Chamberlain Performing Arts, formerly Chamberlain Ballet, was established in May 1984 by Artistic Director, Kathy Chamberlain as a student ensemble dedicated to providing students a stepping-stone to professional dance careers. During their 10th season, Chamberlain Performing Arts became a semi-professional company with their debut of the Chamberworks Series in collaboration with the Plano Chamber Orchestra. Chamberlain is dedicated to serving North Texas and the surrounding community by providing professional quality performances and outstanding outreach programs. Chamberlain Performing Arts takes great pride in the ongoing efforts to expand its cultural diversity through performance collaborations. November 2002 began the association with the Charles W. Eisemann Center, giving the company a new,
permanent performance venue.

Board Member Needs:
We have developed a board matrix to help us maintain a diverse board in background and in expertise. We are seeking board members who are African American, Hispanic American or Latino American descent. We are also seeking board members who have experience in law, banking and marketing.

Board dues are $150 / month. We also encourage board members to attend our performances when possible. Board members select a board committee in which they have interest and expertise, and volunteer a chosen amount of time there. Depending on where CPA is in it's strategic plan, this could be a short term project or long-term need. Our executive officers give 5-15 hours a month. Typical board members serve 2-4 hours a month depending on meeting and agenda. Our annual retreat is a full-day in August. Board meetings are at 6:30 pm on the second or third Monday of the month.

Other Information:
We are looking for two board members

For more information, please visit their website