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Do you want to make your giving easy, effective and enjoyable? A charitable fund is an easy way to streamline your giving and realize your philanthropic goals. Watch this video to learn more!

Charitable Fund Options

We offer several types of charitable funds to facilitate your giving. Our staff is available to discuss these options with you and help you select one that best meets your needs!

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Donor-advised funds are established by donors who wish to actively participate in the grantmaking process. You can establish a donor-advised fund with a gift of $5,000 to $100 million or more. Then you can recommend grants from that fund to the charitable project or organizations you want to support. It is easy to give to multiple nonprofits through a donor-advised fund.

Establish a charitable giving fund for each of your executive-level employees to support the causes they care about and to give back to their community. The fund can be opened with a gift of cash, company bonuses, appreciated stock, real estate or many other illiquid assets. Some companies elect to pay the administrative fee for a certain period of time. Executives can opt to give personally to further grow their fund. You can establish an executive giving fund with a gift of $5,000 or more.

When you create a business-advised fund, we can support your company’s goals with a full spectrum of services, including grantmaking, due diligence, site visits and community updates. You can establish a business-advised fund with a gift of $5,000 or more.

Scholarship funds can be structured to benefit students at any education level or institution. Support worthy students’ educational pursuits in any field of study, or choose a field to encourage study related to your business. A scholarship fund also can be created to honor loved ones or employees. You can establish a scholarship fund with a gift of $100,000 or more.

Is your company ready to get started?

Our CFT4B experts can work with you to hone your company's charitable interests and goals to create a giving strategy that will make a positive impact in the community.

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