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At Communities Foundation of Texas, we take care of businesses, especially those that take care of their communities.

CFT for Business provides expertise and resources to help your business develop and amplify a culture of good corporate citizenship.

We partner with companies of all sizes and offer a wide range of philanthropic services to help start or grow a company’s giving and community engagement program, guiding them through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) goals while aligning with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

We believe in thriving teams that create thriving cultures to ensure a thriving future for all. Our Be In Good Company program recognizes companies who meet these pillars of excellence and make a difference in our community. 

Join us for one of our Be In Good Company virtual information sessions on Tuesday, October 20th at 2pm or Friday, October 23 at 3pm! 

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What does it take to Be In Good Company?

Be In Good Company recognizes companies in North Texas who are making a difference in our community through three Pillars of Excellence: Thriving Teams, Thriving Culture, and a Thriving Future. 

Participating companies need to exhibit at least one program or initiative in each of the three pillars. Learn more about the Be In Good Company Pillars of Excellence below:

Pillar of Excellence I: A Thriving Team

  • Encourages employee engagement
    • Sets goals and actively supports employee volunteerism
    • Creates opportunities for team members to serve on nonprofit boards/committees
    • Sponsors nonprofit events
  • Supports employee giving
    • Hosts drives for in-kind donations
    • Creates/offers employee giving platform and/or matching program
    • Establishes giving budget/charitable foundation or fund
  • Supports health and safety
    • Maintains ethical labor practices and creates a healthy and safe work environment

Pillar of Excellence III: A Thriving Future

  • Promotes mentoring and sponsorship
    • Mentors youth/career-focused in underserved communities
    • Diversifies board/management/team
    • Develops a mentoring/sponsorship program for employees
  • Adopts socially and environmentally conscious practices
    • Adopts and actively creates Racial Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (RDEI) policy/statement/team
    • Adopts socially and environmentally conscious investments or decisions
    • Supports, participates, or funds positive and collaborative community initiatives

Are you ready to Be In Good Company?

Join our Be In Good Company program so we can shine a spotlight on the good you’re doing in our community. 

Act now so you can be recognized as one of our founding companies!

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"Businesses are a platform to solve social issues. Be In Good Company creates a structure, a bridge, to engage this powerful force for good. To lift ourselves up, we must lift up our community." - Debra Brennan Tagg, Brennan Financial Services, CFT Trustee

Not Ready to Apply Yet?

With the goal to make North Texas one of the most business-engaged communities in the country, we partner with companies of all sizes and offer a wide range of philanthropic services to help start, grow, or amplify a company's giving and community engagement program. Contact us today to learn more about the variety of ways you can get involved!

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