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Bioworld Partners with CFT for Business

Bioworld Partners with CFT for Business

Bioworld has partnered with CFT4B to increase employee engagement through volunteerism and charitable giving since 2015

With more than 350 employees in the U.S., Bioworld has partnered with CFT for Business (CFT4B) to increase employee engagement through volunteerism and charitable giving since 2015. Headquartered in Irving, Bioworld designs licensed apparel, sleepwear, headwear, bags and accessories. Bioworld has offices in New York; Bentonville, Arkansas; Minneapolis; and Athens, Georgia; as well as international offices in Canada, China, India and the UK.

“Bioworld CEO Raj Malik inspires employees to volunteer their time in the community and incentivizes employee giving through a matching gifts program,” noted colleague Shelly Reid. CFT4B works with Bioworld to strategically align their business and community goals and assists in coordinating volunteerism opportunities for employees through the CFT4B Engagement Network. “Quarterly, our ‘ThinkHow’ committee of employees reviews a list of volunteer opportunities from CFT and determines which volunteer activities to promote internally,” noted colleague Dawn Hicks.

Recently, Bioworld hosted a competition between departments and offered a prize for the department that raised the most money for Foster Kids Charity. As an added incentive, Malik matched all gifts raised by each department.

“Collectively, we raised $4,800 to purchase tablets, iPads and laptops for foster kids in need,” said Reid. Employees presented the check to Foster Kids Charity in person. “We’ve collected school supplies and other things in the past, but this was our best fundraiser by far in terms of employee participation. Staff knew that their gifts would go further because of the dollar-for-dollar match,” said Reid.

Bioworld plans to partner with Foster Kids Charity to provide the organization with an additional donation in support of CFT’s Freedom Day, an event they’ve participated in for a number of years.

“We have a charitable giving budget as a company, and partnering with CFT for Business helps us to focus those dollars and really make a difference,” said Hicks.


To learn more about how your company can partner with CFT4B to give back and/or to learn more,  contact Sejal Desai, Business Engagement Director, at

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