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Istation Supports Educators and Empowers Kids

Istation Supports Educators and Empowers Kids

CFT4B Partner Spotlight

To live its tagline, “Supporting educators. Empowering kids. Changing lives.,” Istation celebrated its 20th anniversary last November through community service on its first annual “Day of Giving.” 

Kevin Sharpe said celebrating its milestone with a day of service represents Istation because “community building is part of everything we do, and partnering with CFT4B was an easy decision.”

Istation’s Rita Blanco and Molly Bryan met with CFT for Business (CFT4B) Director Sejal Desai to brainstorm their vision and design a meaningful experience for all employees. “CFT4B was a tremendous resource to help Istation define the project parameters, identify strategic nonprofit partners, develop volunteer projects and offer their VolunteerMatch platform,” said Rita. “CFT4B’s model enabled Istation employees to focus on their day jobs while CFT4B worked on the details for the anniversary celebration.”

CFT4B organized the day so that employees from every department could join together to serve five nonprofit organizations and build a deeper connection to the community and to each other. Istation is incorporating service days into its future plans, and “Day of Giving” has transformed into an annual company-wide celebration!


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History of CFT4B (formerly EFNT)

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