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Association for Independent Living

AFIL is a unique and innovative residential program for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities located in Dallas. They are unique in that they are a transitional, residential program tailored to meet the needs of each individual. Each person stays in the program as long as it takes them to grow, mature and learn to the maximum level of their abilities. The curriculum is based upon the resident’s abilities rather than their disabilities. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are an underserved population who deserve the opportunity to live a full and independent life within their communities. The goal at AFIL is to develop these skills in our young adults so that they can live independently and become contributing citizens.

Board Member Needs:
They are seeking 2-5 interested and passionate individuals of all backgrounds, diversity, skills and experience levels. They believe everyone has something to contribute as long as the mission and heart of the organization remain the focus.


  • Board members are required to contribute financially to the organization once per year; No specific amount is required
  • Members must be present for 90% of meetings throughout the year, as well as be accessible when needs arise
Other Information:
The board meetings 6-8 times per year; typically every other month unless more often is needed at a given time.

If you are interested in serving on this board, please contact Sarah Causey at

For more information, visit their website