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Center for Survivors of Torture

Center for Survivors of Torture provides wraparound services, which have been a best practice for many decades, and treat the whole client in the context of being an individual, a member of a family, a part of a culture and a survivor of repeated trauma, in a culturally competent manner. CST offers counseling, medical care, case management/social services, direct aid, forensic reports, and the Adam Patrick Bratcher (APB) education program for entry into community college. 

CST exists to facilitate healing, ease transition into new beginnings, and foster hope in survivors of torture, by providing specialized services addressing their comprehensive psychological, medical, and social needs; generating legal referrals; providing training opportunities for state-of-the-art professional service delivery; and collecting outcome measurements.

Board Member Needs:

The board is seeking two new members to serve three-year terms beginning January 15, 2023. CST aims for enthusiastic board members with previous board experience, an interest in learning and moving Dallas forward in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and an understanding of basic financial statements and audits.


  • Meet six times per year.
  • The approximate time commitment ranges between 30 and 60 hours per year.

Other Information:

They are looking for two new board members.

If you are interested in serving on this board, please contact Celia VanDeGraaf at