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Heritage Oak Cliff

Our mission is to preserve and enhance the architectural, historic, and cultural heritage and natural resources of Oak Cliff through direct action and public education. To support the neighborhoods of Heritage Oak Cliff with assistance, grants, and training, and to serve as an umbrella organization, unifying the neighborhoods for greater advocacy and representation with the city of Dallas. To promote communication and cooperation, between and among organizations and community groups, to increase their effectiveness in addressing issues affecting Oak Cliff and to promote Oak Cliff to the wider community as an exceptional place to live. 

Board Member Needs:
Heritage Oak Cliff is looking for new board members to begin terms on January 1, 2022. Terms last two years. The board needs a secretary and a treasurer. 


  • Both members need to have basic admin skills and the ability to navigate MS Outlook and Google Apps. 
  • The treasurer needs to have knowledge of QuickBooks.
  • The board meets monthly.
Other Information:
They are looking for two new board members

If you are interested in serving on this board, please contact Travis-Lee Moore at

For more information, please visit their website