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It's STEM Kids, Inc.

It's STEM Kids, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that offers a preschool STEM program to disadvantaged African American and Latin X children ages three to five years old.

Board Member Needs:
The board is looking for four new members of color, both men and women, who are passionate about serving disadvantaged children by helping get the word out about It's STEM Kids, Inc. and fundraising to hire full-time staff. Specific member needs:

  • Serving terms starting Fall 2021 lasting two years.
  • Fundraising, marketing, financial and administrative skills.
  • At least five years of experience working with nonprofits.
  • Board members must commit to at least 5-10 hours of service per month. This includes board meetings and events attended on behalf of the board.
  • Board members must donate at least $200 to the organization.
  • Must attend quarterly board meetings.
Other Information:
They are looking for four new board members.

If you are interested in serving on this board, please contact Monica Underwood at

For more information, please visit their website