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Journey of Hope Grief Support Center

Journey of Hope is on a mission to renew hope, foster healing, and develop resilience in the hearts of children grieving the death of someone important to them. We provide no-cost grief support groups to children and their parents and their parents or caregivers. We also provide training for school counselors, teachers, and other professionals who interact with children who may be grieving, and we provide bereavement support to schools, nonprofits, and other groups when a member of their community dies. 

Board Member Needs:

Journey of Hope is looking for three new board members to begin terms in January 2022. Member terms last three years. Members are expected to: 

  • Attend board meetings and serve on committees
  • Contribute financially and help raise money for the organization
  • Be ambassadors for Journey of Hope in the community
  • Board members are asked to contribute at least $1,000 to the organization each year
  • Board members will contribute time interacting with donors and representing the organization
  • Board members will meet six times per year
Other Information:
They are looking for three new board members

If you are interested in serving on this board, please contact Susan English at

For more information, please visit their website