Testimonials from Advisors

Making Charitable Dreams a Reality
If you have a charitable dream, but you aren't sure exactly how to make that dream come true, Communities Foundation of Texas has the people to bring around you, to work alongside you and to make that dream a reality. 

"When you work with CFT staff, you know that you are working with experts," says Debra Tagg, of Brennan Financial Services. "They're also an incredible wealth of knowledge for individuals and families. If you need someone to meet with a client or if you need someone to give you an understanding of how you can be more targeted with your philanthropy, CFT is the place to go."

Dallas CPA Society member and Travis Wolff partner Jerri Hammer agrees, "I think Communities Foundation of Texas is a really great resource, and more people should know about CFT and use it."


Easy as a Phone Call

Calman Donsky, Partner, Gardere Wynne Sewell, L.L.P.

DonskyAs a partner with one of the Southwest’s largest full-service law firms, Calman Donsky appreciates the value and ease that Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) offers his busy clients.  Many of those whom he counsels at Gardere Wynne Sewell, L.L.P. have an interest in charitable giving and the means to create a private foundation. However, Donsky urges them to consider establishing donor-advised funds at CFT. “The benefit of donor-advised funds at CFT is that clients don’t have to maintain a separate foundation with annual reporting requirements. You can start with smaller contributions to try it out and then increase those amounts in the future,” Donsky explained. Although others offer donor-advised funds, he is comfortable referring clients to CFT. “You don’t have to deal with a huge bureaucracy. It’s as easy as picking up the phone,” Donsky said. “Working with a donor-advised fund at CFT makes charitable giving effortless."

Partner in Philanthropy

Norman A. Lofgren, Looper Reed & McGraw PC

Norm LofgrenCommunities Foundation of Texas has been a wonderful planning partner for me and an exceptional charitable outlet for clients of mine who have charitable interests.  The CFT staff is both professionally knowledgeable and "user friendly."  They have assisted me in implementing tax advantageous structures and, at the same time, helped my client-families that are working to refine and define their philanthropic goals, with a particular eye toward local charitable organizations which need financial support.  One particular strength of CFT is their patient encouragement of involvement by second and third generation family members in family philanthropic structures established by prior generations. Thank you CFT for being a great partner in the philanthropy of my clients. 

Advising the Advisors

Lawrence M. Wolfish, Wolfish & Newman, P.C.

Larry WolfishWhen help is needed to prepare and administer estate plans, many families and their advisors call on Wolfish & Newman, P.C., a boutique law firm focusing solely on estate planning and probate services. Lawrence M. Wolfish cites a number of reasons for referring individuals to Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT), including the ability of clients to fulfill their charitable goals by utilizing tax-wise strategies for appreciated property and avoiding filing, legal and accounting fees associated with a private foundation. Additional benefits include facilitating anonymous gifting and transferring funds electronically. In fact, Wolfish and his wife established their own donor-advised fund at CFT. “Sally and I created a charitable fund to advance our charitable goals and to make our giving more efficient,” he said. He also asks CFT for information about nonprofits and community needs. “CFT has been a wonderful resource for my family and my clients.”

Kathryn L. McGill, CAP©
Advisor Relations Officer

Sarah Beeks HigdonSarah Beeks Higdon, MBA, CAP©
Director of Charitable Giving, Collin County

Geri Jacobs, ChFC, CLU
Director of Charitable Gift Planning

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