Racial Equity

In Fall 2017, the Communities Foundation of Texas expert philanthropy team reviewed the following nonprofit agencies and offers them for your funding consideration:

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Abounding Prosperity
Abounding Prosperity, Inc.’s (AP Inc.) mission is to provide services that address health, social, and economic disparities among African American men, with a focus on reaching and serving gay and bisexual men, and male-to-female transgender persons and their families in Dallas County. AP Inc. was selected by the CDC's evaluation consultant for a review of its program data collection, tools, methods and outcomes, which will be replicated by other CDC-funded providers. AP Inc. requests funding for project Black LGBTQ S.A.F.E, which will bring together many members of the community including stakeholders, politicians, strategic advocates, health professionals and more to discuss the racial health inequality in the Dallas LGBT community.
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Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies at UT Dallas
The Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies, which is celebrating its thirtieth year as a program at UT Dallas, was founded to teach both the history and legacy of the Holocaust. By educating the current generations, the center can help to shape the ways in which the Holocaust will be taught to future generations. Currently, the Center provides invaluable educational, intellectual, and ethical insights to more than 400 undergraduate and graduate students each year. The Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies requests funding for a collaborative “Confronting Our Histories, Changing our Future” which will be an interactive citizen history project to explore and document the history of hate and racial/ethnic violence in Dallas-Fort Worth. Through storytelling, the project aims to acknowledge and empower citizens.
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Association of Persons Affected by Addiction
Association of Persons Affected by Addiction (APAA) was founded in 1998 with a mission to educate all segments of the community about the nature of addiction/mental health recovery, and provide recovery support services to individuals, families, and the recovering community. APAA’s goals are focused on permanently changing the lives of people seeking recovery; they acknowledge that sustainable, successful recovery is more than abstinence from alcohol and drugs, it is about building a full, productive life in the community. APAA requests funds to facilitate storytelling among peers, supporters, and in the community to help give a voice and understanding to marginalized experiences, particularly among African Americans.
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Bachman Lake Together
Bachman Lake Together is an early childhood collective impact intitiative commited to serving the families of the Bachman Lake community through dual-generational programming and parent-led community leadership. Operating out of the new Bachman Lake Together Family Center, dual generational services are provided by four core partners: AVANCE-Dallas, Catholic Charities, The Concilio, and Lumin Education -alongside many other dual-generational partners commited to school readiness and community improvement in Bachman Lake. Funding is requested to facilitate storytelling to help give voice and understanding to marginalized experiences of the Hispanic/Latin(x) immigrant families in its community. By activating their community action network to engage in storyelling exercises, Bachman Lake Together plans to lead discussions about race and racism, learn about race and racism from skilled presenters, share their own narratives about their experiences and document them, learn how to outline and write their narratives in a shareable format, and produce a Community Action Network Narrative Collection.
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Beacon Hill Preparatory Institute
The Beacon Hill Preparatory Institute (Beacon Hill), established in 2003, provides holistic child development through academic, cultural, and life-skill programs with active parental involvement. During the last 10 years, Beacon Hill has tutored over 4,000 students across 13 local school districts. 73% of students and parents served by Beacon Hill are African American, 36% are Hispanic, and 87% of all students served are economically disadvantaged. With the help of Beacon Hill, students see a 28% increase in their test scores, narrowing the achievement gap between students of color and their classmates. The Beacon Hill Prepatory Institute requests funding for an increase in the hours of high-quality, in-school literacy tutoring, which will be accessible to 110 students in grades kindergarten through 5th at two South Dallas public elementary schools.
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Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star
Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star (BBBS) mission since 1927 is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. Funding is requested for the Bigs in Blue program, which allows local police, fire-fighters, first responders and city/county personnel to serve as mentors, or "Bigs", establishing strong and enduring one-to-one relationships with 300 at-risk youth, ages 6-18, and their families. These relationships will build stronger community bonds, while significantly impacting educational success, avoidance/reduction of risky behaviors, and socio-emotional competency for participating youth.
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Border Crossers
Founded in 2001, Border Crossers trains and empowers educators to dismantle patterns of racism and injustice in schools and communities. It envisions educational spaces where all young people learn and thrive in racially equitable, liberating, and empowering classrooms. Since 2014, Border Crossers has trained over 800 classroom teachers, administrators, district leaders and non-profit educators in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Border Crossers requests funding to support the expansion of the racial justice training team in Dallas. Through the expansion of the team from 13-25, Border Crossers will have the capacity to lead anti-racism trainings for at least 2,000 educators in 2018.
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Cara Mia Theatre
Founded in 1996, Cara Mia Theatre Co. (CMTC) is a nonprofit-theatre company that presents live, accessible theatre by producing critically-acclaimed published plays and creating new and experimental works while developing innovative and educational youth arts programming reflective of the Latino experience in the U.S. CMTC understands that in order to speak to the experiences of people of color, the organization should hire people of color as artists, administrators and curators of programming. The racial breakdown of CMTC participants is 71% Latino, 16% African-American, 9% White, 2% mixed race, 1% Native American, and 1% Asian. Cara Mia Theatre requests funding for the salary for the Curator for Community Action who helps develop community conversations and talkbacks based on the themes of each production with an emphasis on the experience of Latinos, people of color, community healing and community action.
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Cathedral of Hope
Founded almost 5 decades ago, Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ seeks to reclaim Christianity as a faith of extravagant grace, radical inclusion, and relentless compassion. The congregation engages in service that will bring about tangible, positive transformation within the lives of all who are marginalized. The Cathedral's programming focuses on service to others, and has served the homeless for a number of years as well as partnered with a local elementary school (Maple Lawn) with mostly low-income and children of Latino ancestry. Cathedral of Hope works closely with a variety of like-minded churches and secular organizations to bring wider attention to community problems in need of solutions. Cathedral of Hope requests funding for expansion of racial justice programming that focuses on providing racial bias educational opportunities to all members of its large congregation and the community it serves, with special emphasis given to the issue of systemic racism and the subject of white privilege, using a multi-media curriculum informed by progressive Christian values.
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Cedars Union
The Cedars Union (CU) was established as a non-profit to support the work of local artists. The CU has a team of experienced professionals with skills that are unique to the concept of arts, entrepreneurship, and business, with programs that equip emerging artists with the business skills and acumen to thrive as working art professionals. Artists from different racial or ethnic backgrounds most often begin their artistic journey feeling like outsiders, receiving little or no encouragement from organizations, professionals, or even family to pursue a university art degree. The CU requests funding for a program in collaboration with El Centro art students to encourage them to pursue a university art degree and pursue an art career. This program will consist of seminars throughout the fall semester targeting students of color and connecting them with other art professionals of color.
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Chocolate MINT Foundation
The Chocolate MINT Foundation (TCMF) seeks to empower children and families to be self-sustaining through education, training, mentoring and service. TCMF programs include after-school tutoring, a community food pantry, summer camp focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM), year-round mentoring , and a boxing club in partnership with local police officers aimed at mentoring at-risk youth within DeSoto ISD. Funding is requested for a pilot program to engage high school youth, their families, city officials and police officers to discuss concerns about community policing. The program aims to build stronger relationships between residents and police officers as well as foster better civic exchange. Also, the program will support youth in accessing college entrance exams through guidance and financial assistance in taking the PreSAT, SAT or ACT exams.
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Church in the City (CITC)
Church in the City (CITC) is a multi-ethnic church located in Rowlett, Texas that was established in 1980. CITC partners with the Arab-American Learning Center (AALC) to assist Muslim refugees with housing, basic daily needs, jobs, ESL, medical appointments, and exposure to the American culture. CITC, in collaboration with the AALC, requests funding for a Cross Cultural Interactive Exchange, which will allow selected members of the Hispanic, African-American and Arabic speaking Muslim communities the chance to engage in discussion about local issues, as well as specific challenging community topics.
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Circle of Support
Since its inception in 2000, Circle of Support (COS) has reduced summer learning loss by supporting students with academic enrichment and project-based activities. COS helps bridge the opportunity gap, support working families in South Dallas by keeping children safe and healthy during summer and helping them enter school in the fall ready to excel. Approximately 61% of students enrolled in the summer programs provided by COS did not experience a summer slide in reading, and 73% did not experience the slide in math when returning to school in the fall. COS requests funding for support of the World Culture Program, to help students explore multiculturalism and discuss diversity and conciliation. Students will also learn how cultures and races interact in today’s society.
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Community Alcohol Drug Aftercare Program
Community Alcohol Drug Aftercare Program (CADAP) seeks to empower and improve the underserved communities of Southern Dallas County through awareness, education, and special services, specifically serving youth, women with children, and persons transitioning back into society. Funding is requested to create a digital-based platform to allow community members to create and share impactful visual stories of and propose solutions to racial inequities. CADAP will purchase studio software and hardware to create digital stories that will build advocacy, promote causes and increase education and awareness around various issues.
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Community Development Alliance & DFW Chapter of National Organization of Minority Architects
Serving the community since 2009, Community Development Alliance (CDA) strengthens the community through empowering individuals, mobilizing the community, and developing economic initiatives for community investment. The Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects seeks to cultivate and foster growth among minority architects, interns, and related disciplines within the DFW Metroplex. The Community Development Alliance in conjunction with the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects requests funds to support the establishment of a guided tour of Dallas architectural sites designed by African-American architects. The intent of the tour is to tell the story of the African-American architects in Dallas, acknowledge their contributions made to the built environment, and encourage the discussion of the history and legacy of these talented individuals.
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Concord Missionary Baptist Church
Since the early 1970's Concord Missionary Baptist Church (CMBC) has had a mission to connect people to their next step in Christ. CMBC completed a facility which was converted to a community center that is used by congregants and the community for learning centers, mentoring programs, and as a place for meetings and special events for nonprofit, educational and government programs throughout North Texas. CMBC requests funding to execute a community project through Transform Dallas that creates a vehicle where community members can address a timely need for racial healing. Transform Dallas is essential in providing Concord Church staff and volunteers with the ability to talk about the powerful benefits of working together despite denominational, racial, class, or political difference.
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Cornerstone Crossroads Academy
Cornerstone Crossroads Academy (CCA) established in 2006, is a faith-based private high school for at-risk youth. Each student who attends CCA is low-income or extremely low-income and are referred to the program by probation officers, public school counselors, and community members. Twenty-five students are in the program at any point throughout the year; as students complete the program, new students are able to begin. Approximately 80% of the students served are African American and 20% are Hispanic with 48% of all students entering the program reading below a sixth grade level. CCA requests funding for the Darkness to Light art project, which will allow students to engage in written, drawn, or multimedia art projects that symbolize their journeys so others can hear and learn about their challenges they have overcome.
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CryHavoc Theater Company
Founded in 2014, Cry Havoc seeks to fill a gap in the Dallas theater community by producing contemporary, provocative work, often in response to local or national events. The most recent production, SHOTS FIRED, took a firsthand look at multiple witnesses to the Dallas shooting in July 2016 including police, first responders, bystanders and activists. Their first-person narratives were reenacted by teens without alteration of intent. Talkbacks following the performance fostered important dialogue on race and police relations in our community with many of the individuals interviewed participating. Cry Havoc requests funding for a second run of SHOTS FIRED, as well as a production called THE GREAT AMERICAN SIDESHOW which is a political allegory about the state of affairs in the U.S. Additional funding is requested for the development of work, that includes outreach to Dallas high schools, that will be featured in 2018.
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Dallas Dinner Table
Established in 2002, the Dallas Dinner Table is focused on improving race relations in the DFW metro area, one dinner at a time. Dinners are held in private homes, churches, businesses, or restaurants and hosted by citizens who provide an evening meal and guided dialogue to participants from diverse backgrounds. In 2017, over 700 people participated in dialogue with a focus on cross-cultural communication and creating cross-racial relationships. Funding is requested for software support, which would ensure there is diverse representation at every table and each participant gets to dine nearest to their home. Funding is also requested to hire a staff person to coordinate development and outreach.
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Institute for Urban Policy Researach at UT Dallas via The University of Texas Foundation
The Institute for Urban Policy Research (IUPR) at University of Texas Dallas' mission is to provide research and evaluation, education and outreach, and guidance and consulting to inform, motivate, and inspire community-focused organizations that improve the quality of life in the communities they serve. One way they accomplish this is through the Young Leaders, Strong City youth summit, which brings together a diverse group of Dallas-area high school students to learn how to effectively bring racial equity to their community by teaching them how to evaluate institutions, systems, policies and laws. Funds are requested to support the 4th Annual Young Leaders, Strong City Racial Justice Summit including $200 stipends for 16 facilitators, marketing materials, and food.
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Make Art with Purpose
Make Art with Purpose (MAP) produces creative projects that shape and transform the world in positive ways by providing an innovative platform for artists, designers and architects addressing social and environmental concerns. Map requests funds to support a pilot project, AMPLIFLY, in partnership with Sunset Art Studios and The Meet Shop Oak Cliff. Phase 1 of this project outreaches to Latino community members in the South Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, with subsequent programs focused on Islamic, African American and Asian communities. The aim is to engage and empower 30 people through a eight-week writing and image making workshop, resulting in a publication about their lives and neighborhood. The project also includes leadership workshops focused on teaching participants how to mobilize and build capacity within their community.
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Paul Quinn College
Paul Quinn College's (PQC) mission is to provide a quality, faith-based education that adresses the academic, social, and Christian development of students and prepare them to be servant leaders and agents of change in the global marketplace. Over the past few years, PQC has experienced a shift in its student demographics with an increase in Hispanic students. In 2016, they designed and implemented a Race Relations Institute as a forum for students to learn about and strategize solutions to racial-related challenges. Funding is requested to build on the current momentum and level of student engagement to hold an interactive symposium that creatively addresses race relations. The symposium will include PQC students, high school students from DISD and community members.
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Project Row Houses
Trans.lation Vickery Meadow, sponsored by Project Row Houses, is an arts and cultural organization working at the intersection of culture and community development in the immigrant, refugee, African American and Latinx neighborhood of Vickery Meadow in Dallas. Funding is requested for the youth political education program which provides paid opportunities for neighborhood youth to learn about racial equity issues such as gentrification, policing, cultural appropriation, and microaggressions. Youth will then design community workshops to continue the conversation and awareness-raising in their own local communities. This project is expected to engage 10 teens.
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St. Mark's Episcopal Church
Established in 1947, St. Mark's Episcopal Church is the oldest Episcopal Church in Irving. Their community outreach includes assisting nonprofits in the Irving and Dallas area. Funding is requested to support an ongoing project to restore Shelton's Bear Creek Cemetery, one of Texas' oldest former slave burial sites, where there are 183 confirmed graves.The project works to preserve the cemetery by inviting the entire Irving community to work together on lawn maintenance, brush clearing, painting, and genealogy research. Through the communal restoration and geneology efforts, this project aims to facilitate storytelling and understanding of racial inequalities.
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Teatro Dallas
Teatro Dallas, established in 1985, is a non-profit professional theatrical institution focused on international theater through the Latino experience. They seek to promote a sense of community while celebrating the diverse traditions of the community. Funding is requested to present "Little Mexico," collected stories by Mexican Americans from the 1950s through present day, and performed by two actors, a dancer, and local spoken word artist.
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Texas Muslim Women's Foundation
The mission of Texas Muslim Women's Foundation is to empower, promote, and support women and their families through education, outreach, philanthropy, and social services. The Islamic Arts Revival Series (IARS), the signature educational program of the agency, reaches close to 1,000 participants annually through various Islamic art presentations throughout the DFW metroplex. Funding is requested to support IARS, which organizes and hosts events to bring Islamic Art to the public, supporting the expression of under-represented cultural minorities and creating pathways for healing through cross-cultural dialogue and exchange.
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Texas Organizing Project Education Fund
Founded in 2009, the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund (TOPEF) has used its expertise in community engagement to grow to a base of over 130,000 members and supporters across the state. Funding is requested to establish coordinated racial healing meetings and workshops for community organizers and nonprofits working in equity-related spaces. The goal of this work is to build a connected network and larger movement for racial and economic justice by standing with Muslim, Asian, LGBTQIA, and reproductive justice communities.
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Vickery Meadow Youth Development Foundation
Vickery Meadow Youth Development Foundation's mission is to make the Vickery Meadow neighborhood a great community for children to develop to their full potential by providing best practice educational and enrichment opportunities for very low-income youth. Students in their signature program, Eagle Scholars, represent 15 countries and speak over 21 languages. Funding is requested for a pilot project, Project: MindShift, a three-day retreat that asks a diverse group of teenagers to engage with each other in a meaningful aspect of their culture while also visiting a variety of cultural landmarks within the city of Dallas. The goal of the project is to break down barriers to cross-cultural communication and develop stronger alliances, friendships, and understandings.
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Village United Methodist Church (UMC)
The Village UMC, an African American congregation, will partner with the the Hispanic congregation, Cockrell Hill UMC and Anglo congregation, The Woods UMC, to engage in activities that promote racial equity and cultural understanding for youth and young adults in the southern sector of Dallas county. 120 Participants will include children and youth in grades 4-6, 7-8, 9-12, and young adults ages 19-25. The project will involve visits to cultural centers that serve other racial, ethnic, and/or religious groups to become familiar with other cultures and identify inequalities or prejudices. These will be followed by brown-bag sessions that provides an age-appropriate forum for participants to discuss solutions that contribute to racial healing across ethnic groups and cultures. The project will culminate with a participant-designed project to address solutions to race-related issues in Dallas.
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