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When you establish a scholarship fund with Communities Foundation of Texas, you give deserving students the opportunity to pursue their dreams while achieving your own charitable goals. Whether you want to establish a legacy or honor a loved one, give back to your community or your alma mater, we will work with you to create a scholarship that is uniquely your own. For more information on creating a scholarship, download our Scholarship Packet.

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Creating A Scholarship: Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate professionals

receive scholarships to further their career. The Bob Edge Scholarship Fund promotes the profession of real estate while honoring Robert T. “Bob” Edge, one of the most active brokerage professionals in the country.

What is the minimum amount required to open a scholarship fund?

Endowed Scholarship Funds, to be maintained in perpetuity, require a minimum initial gift of $250,000, while Non-Endowed Scholarship Funds require a minimum initial gift of $100,000.

Can the donor set the criteria for selection?

Yes. We will help you develop selection criteria most meaningful to you. Scholarships can support students from particular schools or geographic areas, students who will attend a certain university or are engaged in a specific program of study or activity.

You may also recommend criteria such as GPA, test scores, work experience, personal essay, or extracurricular activities be given more weight than other criteria in the selection process. The only restriction is that the selection criteria must be objective and non-discriminatory.

Are scholarships only for graduating high school students attending a college or University?

No. You may set up a scholarship for any educational pursuit from early childhood through higher education and beyond to adult continuing education.

Can one organization or family make up the selection committee?

No. A selection committee cannot be made up entirely of donors to the fund, related parties, such as family members, employees or the board members of an organization-supported scholarship. According to IRS regulations, donors can comprise no more than one-third of a scholarship committee. This means, for example, if two donors wish to participate on a selection committee, the committee must have at least six people.

Can the donor recommend committee members?

Yes. In fact, many scholarships set up certain positions to serve on the selection committee rather than naming individuals. We honor these requests whenever possible. As an example, a scholarship for a particular high school might have a selection committee including the high school principal, two teachers and the track coach. Another might name specific people.

Can scholarships be paid directly to individuals?

No. Scholarships may only be paid to educational institutions in support of the recipient.

Do students have to be in good standing to continue to receive the scholarship money?

Yes. However, if a student does not meet the minimum requirements to receive the scholarship they will still be awarded funds for the following semester on a probationary basis. Should the student not make the requirements for a second consecutive semester, the scholarship will be terminated.

Can I meet the student(s) I support?

We would love to facilitate this opportunity for you. Please contact Katie Kuehl for more details.

Katie KuehlKatie Kuehl
Scholarship Associate

Contact me to learn more about opening a Scholarship fund.

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