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The team at Communities Foundation of Texas actively speaks in public settings and participates in panels and forums designed to spur charitable giving and community involvement.

Below is a list of foundation leadership who participate in speaking engagements. Areas of expertise are listed below the bureau. To invite a foundation representative to speak at your event, email Carol Goglia.

The Team

  Beth Bull    
Carol Goglia   Beth Bull   Susan Swan Smith   Sarah Cotton Nelson
Sr. Director of 
  Chief Financial Officer   Chief Giving Day Officer   Chief Philanthropy Officer
 John Fitzpatrick    George Tang        
John Fitzpatrick   George Tang   Monica Egert Smith    
Educate Texas
Executive Director
  Educate Texas
Chief Operating Officer
Relationships Officer


Giving Back & Looking Forward: A History of Communities Foundation of Texas…from 1953 to Today

North Texas Giving Day: How we raised $37 million for over 2,000 nonprofits in 18 hours

Giving Guide: How to find your charitable passion and give with impact

Asset Poverty: How we learned that 2/5 of Dallas households are asset poor and what we’re doing about it

Data-Driven Decision-Making: How to use quantitative and qualitative data to drive your nonprofits’ strategy

Charitable Giving

Charitable giving in uncertain economic times
Strategic charitable giving: how to make your giving more meaningful and satisfying

Generations of Giving: Involving your family in your philanthropy

Finding Your Charitable Passion

Charitable giving and tax laws

Find Your Cause: Funding Needs in North Texas

Nonprofit Sector


Successful Donor Cultivation Strategies

Board Training

Campaign Planning

Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Foundations 101

Women’s Causes


Public Education

Education Initiatives in Texas


North Texas Giving Day: How a grassroots campaign raised $37 million in 18 hours

Marketing Strategy: Bringing For-Profit Experience to Nonprofit Causes

Are you ready to leave your charitable legacy?

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