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Website Status Page

Please bookmark this page to check for NorthTexasGivingDay.org website status updates on North Texas Giving Day—September 20, 2018. Should issues arise, we will update the site status table with green, yellow, and red indicators. We will also update the status log at the bottom of the page so that you may see the time we became aware of the issue, steps being taken and the time it was resolved.

Please check this page prior to communicating with your donors about the website status of NorthTexasGivingDay.org, as it will provide the latest information as to the issue you notice or a potential resolution.

If you have an issue to report, please click here to get a message to our technical team. 


green status   Green Hand = Fully functional
yellow status   Yellow Hand = Known issue, resolution in process
red status   Red Hand = Function is down or disabled, resolution in process
green status   Site Security and Privacy   The NorthTexasGivingDay.org site is secure.

green status   Donation Processing   All donation processing is working.

green status   Help Team   The North Texas Giving Day help team is in the office and answering questions via telephone and help tickets. Click here to submit a help ticket.

green status   Nonprofit Search  

NorthTexasGivingDay.org search functionality is working as expected. Donors can use the type-ahead search, the category search and the county search.


green status   Leaderboards   Leaderboards are up-to-date and reporting correct information. Final totals will be certified after being reviewed by the North Texas Giving Day team. 

green status   Totals displayed on nonprofit pages   All nonprofit-level totals are up-to-date on each nonprofit's donation page and are reporting accurate information. 

green status   Prize Awarding   Prizes are being awarded and displayed on the prize tab on the leaderboard at the regular times.

green status   Donor Email Receipts   Donors are receiving accurate and timely email receipts for their donations.


green status

  Donation Reporting  

Donation reports for individual nonprofits are accurate and up to date.

The donation will appear immediately on your donor report, however, there will be a small lag in time before it appears on your public donation page.




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