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In 2018, Communities Foundation of Texas presented a comprehensive analysis of economic opportunity in Dallas County to catalyze conversations about equity, access, and outcomes across the community. While we began working on a similar report for the Collin County community in 2019, we could not imagine how much or how quickly things would change in just one year.

The original data pulled for this report, while from pre-COVID 19, now serves as a baseline showing the community’s starting point pre-pandemic, and can be used to outline both the strengths and challenges for Collin County as we move forward in this new environment.

While it's too early to see the full impact of the pandemic on Collin County, the report provides some early economic indicators of how residents are faring in terms of employment, affected job sectors, and health insurance coverage. We believe it can be used to outline both the strengths and challenges for Collin County as we move forward in this new environment.
"We recognize that while there are great opportunities, there are also growing needs. To be responsive, we felt it was important to bring attention to the needs and opportunities that are highlighted in the Collin County Economic Opportunity assessment, and we look forward to building and continuing partnerships that will work to address these issues." Dave Scullin, CFT's President and CEO
"The best organizations - and in fact, the best communities - remain that way by always being alert to how things can continually be improved. In our view, learning about the current state is the first step in learning what needs to be changed." Sarah Cotton Nelson, CFT's Chief Philanthropy Officer
"Financial security is critical to the stability of families and is a crucial building block for the underlying long-term vitality of our local cities and economies.This is a difficult and unprecedented time, but we remain optimistic that our region can and will recover. Data like this report can serve as a roadmap for where and how we can focus our efforts." Alfreda Norman, CFT Trustee

On October 22, we held a virtual event to release the Collin County Economic Opportunity Assessment.

View the presentation slides here

View the virtual release event recording here

Featured Speakers:

Alfreda Norman, Board Chair, Communities Foundation of Texas; 
Senior Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Dave Scullin, President and CEO, Communities Foundation of Texas
Sarah Cotton Nelson, Chief Philanthropy Officer, Communities Foundation of Texas
Ann Beeson, CEO, Every Texan
Mona Kafeel, Executive Director, Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation
LaMonte Thomas, former President, Cigna
Dr. Neil Matkin, Chancellor, Collin College


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