The GiveWisely series was created as a way to assist donors in developing their own approach to their personal philanthropy—by thinking strategically and learning from a group of like-minded peers.


The goal of GiveWisely is to empower individuals to discover their core values and help them think critically about how they give. GiveWisely offers participants an opportunity to look deeper into what motivates them to give, so they leave the class with a clearer idea of which issues they want to support, the knowledge of how they can go about doing so, and the ability to say “yes” or “no” powerfully, depending on whether an opportunity is aligned with their own focus. 

2017 2-Day Course

Mornings from 8:30am - 12pm
  Saturday, January 28
  Saturday, February 11 

Course attendees will participate in a facilitated site visit of a local non-profit on the afternoon of February 11th.

Grant Requirement:

A $500 tax-deductible contribution to CFT is required of each participant. They will direct the gift to the nonprofit of their choice at the end of the class.

Class Fee:

CFT fund holders will not be charged a fee for participation. Individuals who are not current CFT fund holders will pay a fee of $125 per individual for the 2-Day Course.


The course curriculum is structured for both individuals and couples. The deadline to apply is December 31, 2016.

2017 Session Topics Include:

  • Identifying Your Values
    What are your core values? How do they show up in your giving- or do they? Discussing values, personal giving statements and charitable budgets.
  • Pinpointing Your Passions
    This session will guide you through further identifying your philanthropic values, goals and legacy- and effectively communicating your giving philosophy with family, friends and the nonprofit community.
  • Evaluating Effectiveness 
    Understanding community needs and assessing nonprofits to bring your personal perspective to bear on solving community problems. 
  • Philanthropist Panel
    Hear from a panel of philanthropists and discuss the challenges, successes and impact of giving.
  • Beyond the Class: Keeping Focus and Impact in Your Giving 
    Finalize your personal giving statements and your charitable budget for the year ahead in this workshop session.

  • Additional Opportunity: Saturday, February 11: Special Offsite Session: “How to Conduct a Site Visit.” Nonprofit Location: TBD

Read about how Christine and Dana Allen participated in GiveWisely 




Elizabeth Liser
Donor Services Director


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