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Hopewell Academy

Hopewell Academy is a forthcoming Christ-centered boarding school that provides homeless youth in the Dallas area with unhindered opportunity through excellence in education, musical study, and character development. Founded by educators in 2017, the goal of Hopewell is to establish a thriving residential school for homeless students from grades 6-12 in the Dallas area. Since they received our 501(c)(3) in 2017, their board has been actively working to develop curriculum, establish partnerships, establish long-term plans, and raise funds.

Board Member Needs:
They are seeking 3-4 board members with experience in law, accounting, fundraising, and/or school administration.

Their bylaws stipulate that all board members must make a financial contribution as they are able within 30 days of accepting a position on the board and attend 75% of all board meetings within a calendar year. There is no minimum donation requirement. Hopewell is a faith-based organization. While it will not be a requirement for their students to be Christian to receive services, they are specifically looking for Christian board members to fill out the available positions.

Other Information:
Board meets monthly. 

If you are interested in serving on this board, please contact Alan Brawdy at

For more information, visit their website